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Skeeter Eaters

We like bats because bats like mosquitoes.
Check out some Lydapproved info. on bats:
Bats .pdf in NWH 2010-09-13

Hungry to learn of more mosquito munchers?
Try a site on Odonata the order of insects to which dragonflies and damselflies belong. MCC's very own Maria Garrison (biology instruction) is the author of Damselflies of Chicagoland, A Photo Field Guide.
Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History has published it to their web site:
Damselflies field guide

Funky Phat Facts

Robots and 'puters:
Info on consumer-level robots:LEGO Robotics
Lego robotics    First Lego League
                       US FIRST org
                       LEGO Education
                       LEGO NXT programs
                       Pitsco Education TETRIX robotic resources

Vex robotics
MAKE Magazine

Mo: [mo stuff]

Mo: [and mo stuff]

Mo: [and still mo stuff]